Gutter Repair, Maintenance and Gutter Cleaning Vancouver

A Rain Centre Gutter Clean consists of . . .

  • Removing all debris from the inside of your gutters by hand.
  • Unblocking and removing debris from gutter outlets.  
  • Rinsing the inside of gutters with clean water.
  • Checking for good water flow through downpipes.
A gutter clogged by leaves.

A gutter clogged by leaves.

Scheduling regular gutter maintenance.

We recommended scheduling a fully gutter clean at least twice a year. This ensures that any leaves that are blocking the free flow of water through your gutter system to be removed, and for a routine inspection for damage and to be done at the same time.  

Any downpipe and/or outlet blockages must be dealt with quickly to reduce damage to the gutter system and/or property. Blockages may cause the gutters to overflow or spill-out at the ends and to pull away from the fascia board.

The cost of a Rain Centre Gutter Clean

Our gutter maintenance team can perform a quick and thorough clean of your gutter system, and use their professional experience to inspect your system for any damage. The cost of this system is:

  • $195.00 plus GST for 2 ½ person hours
  • $60.00 per person hour thereafter

(Average house takes 2 to 2 ½ hours if reasonably maintained)    

NOTE: We do not clean the outside of gutters. If a downpipe is blocked it may need to be dismantled, cleaned & reattached. Small repairs (eg. re-attach hangers) can be included in the hourly system.

Add-on services

  • Scrape out and re-seal a leaking gutter corner $45.00 + HST
  • Scrape and re-seal gutter endcaps $25.00 + HST
  • Remove, scrape, replace and re-seal gutter outlets $25.00 + HST

Call us today to book a gutter clean or inspection at 604 874 8158.